Hospitality is about relationships and women are naturals in this area! It’s important to take decisions for your own self, think what you really want to do- look at its pros and cons. I am fortunate that my parents always preferred their children’s education and career over social pressures and taboos.

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I wish every girl is given that chance,” Rubina said.

She looked a picture of satisfaction.” Rubina explained that hospitality was a multibillion dollar industry that had a potential to absorb women in different departments such as housekeeping, beauty salon, massage centers, guest relations and the kitchen etc.

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It’s not easy being a woman and working in the male-weighted hospitality industry of Pakistan.

But Rubina Qadeem Khan, who inherited all the disadvantages of belonging to a poor family in a remote village of Chitral is doing just that.

This story is a part of an ILO-The Express Tribune project: Promoting Gender Equality for Decent Employment (GE4DE).

What to say about always the hard part isn't it?? I am a professional woman who loves to enjoy life to the fullest, spend time with my family and children, and believe that life is far too ..

They thought I would not be able to give time to my studies. But my father, who worked in the government and who I used to help in the kitchen, as he also ran a small food stall as a part time job, thought differently.

He said, “Never mind the burns: Rubina is learning to make new dishes every day.

The idea of going out of my small village was novel and thrilling. When I came to know about COTHM, I applied for a student loan from my community and a scholarship from the college which I got.