No one knows the key to a perfect marriage, but there are plenty of factors that contribute to making it successful. Their once rich, exciting, and active sex lives had become sexless.

Then, the next time you visit the site and log in, it will show you if anyone has unfriended you since your last visit.

For starters, it's worth just scrolling through your friend list every few months and asking yourself whether you're genuinely okay with these people having access to pictures of you on holiday in a bikini, posing with your family and talking about work.

Go to your profile and click 'About' and then 'Details About You'.

Then, click 'Add a nickname, a birth name…' below 'Other Names' and select the type of name from the drop down menu next to 'Name Type'.

You can actually hide specific topics (movies, music, books, etc) from the 'About' section of your page, by clicking on the little pencil symbol next to 'About' on your profile.

Select 'Manage Sections' from the drop down menu, uncheck the things you want to hide and click 'Save'. If you've got a maiden name or just a nickname that is a gazillion times better than your actual name, you can add this to your account.

Have an annoying relative that posts things ALL the time?

Or a friend who just can't seem to stop tagging you in awful pictures?

At this time of the year lots of people start to feel more pressure at school – whether it's from exams, coursework or making decisions like GCSE options and university places the stress can be hard to handle.

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has problems with stress at school over the next couple of weeks.

It will then open a new window that lets you select exactly who can see it, including a box for 'Don't share with', where you can add the names of specific people you don't want to see it. Well, if you're sent a message from someone who doesn't have any mutual friends with you, Facebook automatically filters it into the 'Other' folder under your messages.