This experience is about much more than just not spending money.

It’s about showing that you and I can be contributing members to society whether we have money or not.

Learn how to repair your own bike and get used parts.

Chat and fuck without credit card and money-52

Just go behind the store, open up the dumpster, and enjoy the bounty of free food. Forage for Food Open up your eyes and you’ll realize that food is growing free all around you.

Fruit from trees that aren’t being tended to, wild grapevines, cactuses in the desert, mushrooms in the woods, berries, and wild herbs have all found their way into my belly. Water Bring a water purifier and a reusable bottle.

It’s about being more involved in our communities and treating each other with respect.

And it’s also about teaching you how to live with less money so that you can follow your dreams and live independently of corrupted systems that don’t serve your best interests.

It’s about showing that there are much more rewarding ways to live than just throwing money at every situation.

It’s about living a life that is truly beneficial to the earth, my community, and myself.

I’m amazed that I, a man who used to say I was going to be a millionaire, now forgo the thought of money on a daily basis, but it is in fact the case.

I have learned to live simply and because of that I live more freely than I ever have before.

That means we throw away nearly half of all the food we produce.