Hye Won fights her growing attraction, trying to maintain a teacher-student relationship, but it’s a futile effort.

Despite the 20 year age difference, it doesn’t take long for Hye Won to throw herself into an ill-advised affair with the adoring Sun Jae.

In “I Hear Your Voice” (너의 목소리가 들려), high school senior Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk 이종석) has been searching for Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young 이보영) for the past ten years, to fulfill a promise he made as a nine year old boy.

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That level of commitment is too much for even the hard-hearted Hye Sung to ignore, and she soon learns to look past his high school uniform.

In “Flower Boy Ramen Shop” (꽃미남 라면가게), Yang Eun Bi (Lee Chung Ah 이청아) is a 24 year old student teacher at odds with Cha Chi Soo (Jung Il Woo 정일우), the 18 year old leader of the top clique at the high school owned by his wealthy family.

Their dating contract binds them to each other long enough for feelings to develop.

Soon Tae Bong is making excuses to see her, and Dal Ja is trying to explain the young man waiting outside her workplace and home.

In “Secret Love Affair” (밀회), Oh Hye Won (Kim Hee Ae 김희애), a woman with everything to lose, meets Lee Sun Jae (Yoo Ah In 유아인), a destitute prodigy whose piano playing moves her to tears.

He’s just as affected by her, and soon, Sun Jae is artlessly declaring his undying love, while asking for little in return.

In “Dal Ja’s Spring” (달자의 봄), Oh Dal Ja (Park Chae Rim 박채림) is 33 years old.

After spending her 20s focused on her career, she is a respected managing director at a home shopping network.

Stars: Hee-seon Kim, Min-ho Lee, Se-young Park, Deok-Hwan Ryu Yang Eun Bi accidentally encounters Cha Chi Soo, the arrogant son of a food company in Korea.

When she student teaches they meet again and sparks fly.

To do so, she disguises herself as a boy and joins A. The lie ensnares a hotel president who goes along with the lie for his own reasons. Stars: Seung-su Ryu, Yun-hie Jo, Ji-Hwan Kang, Jun Sung The surprise hit of 2010, Personal Taste (aka Personal Preference) garnered high ratings and a huge fanbase in a comedy that proves true love is found in the most unlikely places. See full summary » Stars: Min-ho Lee, Ye-jin Son, Ji-seok Kim, Ji-hye Wang Lee Yun-seong was trained by his father's best friend in order to get revenge on the government for killing everyone in his father's unit. Wesker, Sang-Jung Kim Wi Mae Ri is the cheerful, pragmatic daughter of a failed businessman who had grown used to being constantly on the move to escape from loan-sharks. See full summary » Stars: Geun-young Moon, Keun-Suk Jang, Jae-wook Kim, Kim Hyo Jin The crown-prince of South Korea is forced to work alongside a female North Korean military officer.