Really bad news: “I can’t get no satisfaction” AC Pearson looking for 12mm number punches for his EK ute reno, Dean Hosking looking around in his garage, sounds sus Dean, changing numbers not ethical, just saying mind you.

Ian Hobbs displayed a MMM prewar magazine, L0658 meant nothing to Reg, albeit that he was once the owner of the L Type, notwithstanding Ian left without the precious magazine, see that makes two with a doubtful memory!

Not only those two, Peter Auld has a habit of leaving without his cooler bag , members please remind before he leaves next time.

to view the many photos - click here Another TFN ( Tee Fun Night) completed, thanks all for making it a success. return to top My call out for this meeting was “Come and see the real thing” sung by Russell Morris. Mozza (visitors), Nick Proferes (Fiji), R Gibbs (wife’s birthday), Leigh Ritcher (tired) D Fairbrother (sore back), Terry Wright (recuperating), Trevor Driver (Hobart), Pearson’s, John Tamke (family) Don Walker, Peter Shipside. Would you believe 45 signed in to the meeting, 21 Register vehicles plus other MG’s. TD Mc Nabb was in a head spin over the superior numbers of TF present!

To view pics of the meeting from David Mc Nabb - click here The diligent Bob Schapel was quick to pick up on the “Morris” as in Morris Garages, yes subtle I know but the real things were on show at King Arthur’s at West Lakes you only had to be there to see all. J Tamke, R Schapel, T Wright, C Whyatt, L Kinnear, G & W Hough, J Davies, P Dallwitz. Good to see Gordon Brice back after medical rebuild, Colin Whyatt the Doc after copious holiday cruises, Dick Manning (TC), Laurie Houghton (editor), Pat Mullins (MGA) & the Serial Pest (God help us!!

With the ringing of the bell for the barbecue supper to start, the raffle descended into chaos, however I was able to get prizes to most of the disinterested parties.

Thanks to David Mc Naughton for the coolant and oil donated by his good friend at Caltex, very much appreciated indeed.There was to be a special prize for anyone who could produce their TFN, but hey chaos rained down on my parade , food is so much more important!The food was prepared by Scott Appleyard and his friend Chris Bennett (MGA) fastidiously as is their way, and I must say it was delicious and well received, thanks again Scott, it was just great. 1 March - Brian & Kath Golding’s road trip to Murray Bridge, usual meet at Crafers Park N Ride for the run, more news to come. Other meetings, April not decided, May 3 - West Beach at Bob & Shelly Bazzica’s, come and see the KN finished!John Bray runs the pre-war, T-type and Y-type register. Members meet the first Thursday of each month (note you don’t have to own a pre-1955 vehicle to attend).These are a friendly “get together” in someone’s shed or garage, a light supper provided and a good time to share information and experiences.Bob Bazzica, renowned restoration guru, advised that he is selling two prized possessions , the 1930’s J2 sweptwing MG, and the RV8 1995, 19 k’s to make way for the Arnolt TD rebuild. TD Mc Nabb announced that his mate owns the Fowler 1600 Mk 2 MGA and it’s now for sale, approx.