Don Walks managed to secure some handy spares from Scott Appleyard’s collection, guess they are going on the SA, who knows?Brian Forth is looking for some special tyres, 19 ‘s I think, I thought that he had heaps to sell?Bob Bazzica, renowned restoration guru, advised that he is selling two prized possessions , the 1930’s J2 sweptwing MG, and the RV8 1995, 19 k’s to make way for the Arnolt TD rebuild. TD Mc Nabb announced that his mate owns the Fowler 1600 Mk 2 MGA and it’s now for sale, approx.

Bob Bazzica was off to see Don Offler who has not been altogether well of late and members wanted to be remembered to him with their sincere best wishes.

It was reported that former member John Sarre has been admitted into full time nursing care.

The clear winner this year is Bob Schapel who scored a total of 20 points for club attendances with his white TC patina aesthetic rusted body, 20 points.

Others, Paul Dallwitz 17, Maurice Linehan 12, Thane Martin 10, Arthur Rudiger 10, Peter Auld 9, Laurie Foody 9, Leigh Ritcher 8, Pearson, Buckley, Bray 7.

Mozza Linehan’s inability to get to Register meetings since purchasing the TD is a worry to one member in particular, GO Mc Nabb, however Mozz has sent me advice that his TC rego plates are available RTC 048, which only attract a one off fee, not annual. The serial pest was at it again causing mayhem as he is accustomed to, however J Neilson Esq has been put on notice that he has to clean up his shed for a register run next year up to Tanunda, watch this space.

TC’s on tour caught up at Buckles place and ran down to the esplanade at Henley Beach with ACP’s Y Type in tow on the way to Arthur’s, possible pictures from Buckles may be posted on the website. Viewing of the newly completed KN & the TD reno project.

With the ringing of the bell for the barbecue supper to start, the raffle descended into chaos, however I was able to get prizes to most of the disinterested parties.

Thanks to David Mc Naughton for the coolant and oil donated by his good friend at Caltex, very much appreciated indeed.

A small donation is payable towards supper upon arrival.

You can contact John on ph: 82785133, mob: 0403 043 434 email: [email protected] I count this meeting as one for Terry Wright who suggested that we visit the premises of Scott Appleyard at Byre Avenue Somerton Park who was a superb host and a very interesting and enthusiastic car accumulator of Austin Seven’s.

Paint Supplies at Royal Park can now put your selected automotive paint into aerosol cans to suit whatever you need (good news).