Edward Weston, Ruth Bernhard, Harry Callahan, Emmet Gowin and Edward Steichen continued this trend.

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This may be in the form of postcards, pin ups, and other formats.

Covers of mainstream magazines sometimes include images of nude or semi-nude subjects.

A feature of this form of advertising is that the imagery used typically has no connection to the product being advertised.

The purpose of such imagery is to attract the attention of a potential customer or user.

Music album covers often incorporate photography, at times including nude or semi-nude images.

Album covers that have incorporated nudity have included those of performers such as Jimi Hendrix (Electric Ladyland, 1968), John Lennon and Yoko Ono (Unfinished Music No.After World War I, avant-garde photographers such as Brassaï, Man Ray, Hans Bellmer, André Kertész and Bill Brandt became more experimental in their portrayal of nudity, using reflective distortions and printing techniques to create abstractions or depicting real life rather than classical allusions.Alfred Stieglitz's photos of Georgia O'Keeffe are examples of some of the earliest nudes presented in an intimate and personal style rather than with dispassionate idealization.Before about the 1960s, glamour photography was commonly referred to as erotic photography.Nudity and sexually suggestive imagery is common in modern-day culture and widely used in advertising to help sell products.1: Two Virgins, 1968), Nirvana, Blind Faith (Blind Faith, 1969), Scorpions (Virgin Killer, 1976) and Jane's Addiction (Nothing's Shocking, 1988).