Please post in here to let others know how the process works for you. At first, suddenly I could not boot in Android, so I have tried many solutions of flashing (Phone flash tool, Manufacturing flash tool, re-flash BIOS…), and luckily it can access to Android again. The blue screen error 0xc0000034 happens anytime I boot the machine in Windows.

Cam4 rom-1

Teclast x98 Plus 3g Dual Boot A6C9 | Stock Files: https://com/redir? Add the following lines : fastboot flash boot fastboot flash system fastboot flash recovery reboot c. Windows Recovery Process: To fix this problem you are going to need several thing.

AM7c7Ith Lby LI_g&ithint=folder,pdf Drivers: Manufacturer’s Instructions of flashing Windows: Instruction of flashing Android 5: for Reinstalling Android (winston smith) Method 1 : Use Intel Phone Tools from intel website, install it and browse from the flash tools a file called in the stock rom folder and push the button to flash. Create a file called and open it with a text editor [like notepad or notepad ] b.

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I tried the solution by using a recovery USB stick in below link as well but nothing better, the machine still keep that stupid error.

Is there anyone face it before and can help me get through this [email protected] My battery life has been quiet good i get around 8-9 hours of moderate use on the android side.I do not use the windows side that much but i think i would probably get around 9-10 hours of moderate usage.With a new level energy optimization system, to meet the general learning office for nearly three days.With 5V/2A quick charge technology, there is no need to worry about power any more.Right now my teclast x98 plus is working perfectly alright and i am not even going to consider flash any custom ROM or anything like that on it, with all the problems i see other persons have been encountering when they flash custom ROM. I have one question what is average charging time for your teclast x98 tablet and what charging adapter do you use?