The Buck Brahma is a great tactical style knife with a great ability to handle anything that can be thrown at it.

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Buck makes simple designs using high quality materials, and are perfect for the outdoorsman.

Below is a chart showing the best Buck knives on the site as reviewed by multiple users.

Don’t expect any skeletonizing here – the Buck 110 is American muscle at its finest – no illusions of weight-saving measures having been taken whatsoever.

Centering is decent enough, as is the fit and finish (except for the initial grind on the blade, but more on that later).

Should you choose to use this knife for heavy duty work or on the field while hunting, you will become well acquainted with q-tips and compressed air canisters in your down time.

The balance point on the Buck 110 is straight up god awful. Ultimately, nothing unexpected, taking into account how heavy the scales are.It’s a beauty, but as I sit here to consider what I can say about it, I find that I am trying very hard to rationalize why I like this knife so much; I love it even though it fails so miserably against modern contemporary folding everyday carry knives, like the Spyderco Military.Buck 110 Hunting Knife Review – Amazon / Blade HQ The Buck 110 is an old school design that has been produced – virtually unchanged – since 1963.If the tip on the Buck 110 wasn’t acute, I probably would have modified it myself to make it acute.Judging it by the Buck 110’s appearance, you might be inclined to think this knife is perfect for blue collar workmen, but the Buck 110 is not a prying machine.Going back to our previous comparison, the endura only weighs 68 grams (2.8 ounces), which sure is pretty light even for a modern EDC, but that still means that at roughly the same size, the Buck 110 is over 2 and a half times heavier than the Spyderco Endura. The main criticism others have of this knife (besides the weight – which I think I’ve mentioned enough) is the very delicate tip it sports.