He released 4 movies in 2015, including Rock the Kasbah, Wake, Extraction and Captive; aneed a new movie “The Bombing” is coming out in 2016.

In addition, he is actively involved with the Bruce Willis Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of young people.

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As an action star, you’ve tumbled down stairs, leapt from helicopters, and even shot yourself, all in the name of getting the bad guy.

But, today, you are taking on your most challenging role yet – the role of an unbreakable man at 61, challenging aging stereotypes and chasing your dreams.

"But, one of the most beautiful things that I've witnessed is watching her passion become greater than her fear...

It has nothing to do with her being my kid or Bruce's kid, it has everything to do with just who she is." revealed that Bruce purchased an $8.8 million apartment in the Manhattan building that his ex-wife has called home for several years.

Whilst Martin is out a suicidal Tesni phones and Matthew forces himself out of the flat to see her though she has recovered when he gets to her flat.

However he passes out and comes to in hospital in the arms of Tesni's friend Susie.

Demonstrating a playful and artistic side, the show featured dream-sequences, soliloquies and actors referencing the show’s writing process.

It is credited as one of the first shows to combine comedy and drama.

Starring opposite a much more established Cybill Shepherd, who had landed film roles in the Seventies including Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver, Willis became part of a popular will-they-won’t-they duo.

Addison and Maddie Hayes (Shepherd) are two charming private detectives, and the show blends their serious investigations with humour and romantic banter.

Mandy is dating Patrick, a very bad stand-up comedian who does hopeless Bruce Willis impressions.