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It is no wonder that the online dating industry expects to top $1 billion per year in revenue. but there are common characteristics of baby boomers who will turn to online dating, some are: The online dating process takes time...

89% of all baby boomers have at least a high school education... So expecting to find your next life mate the first week is not realistic...

Retirement is not all about money, IRAs..talk about the real life scenarios of retirement.

Come along and benefit from our 24 years of being happily retired.

And while I wouldn't use marathon to describe our sex life, it feels just right.

I admire boomer women who know how to age gracefully, and these women have helped me smooth out the emotional aspects of my own aging process.

Your tech-support provider might not be able to fix your shattered smartphone, but at least she won’t shatter your heart.

As the story notes, a sweater can’t reject you or lie about its age or show up to dinner wearing a blaze-orange hunting vest.

However affluent the baby boomers may be there is a growing number of baby boomers that are looking for someone with whom to share their "Golden years".

More specifically 40% of all baby boomer women are single...

I can't imagine recommending anything other than online dating to my clients.