And if he’s you’re man we’re assuming you deemed him as worthy.

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It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re single…again, and this year you’re tired of it.

You’ve done everything you can to change your relationship status–gone to bars, tried online dating, attended concerts, showed up at your friend’s game nights–and nothing’s worked. The co-authors of put their brains together to offer a comprehensive dating guide for anyone looking to win in love.

VIBE: So you’re saying time has nothing to do with determining whether a guy is serious.

You can have sex with a guy whenever and if he’s not serious he’s just not serious. You can have sex with a guy on the first date and marry him, or you can wait five months testing how serious he is and he was just holding out waiting and right after its done, you never hear from him again.

Many people think love is an emotion, it’s a feeling. KS: So love is a choice and it’s a commitment to that choice, so even when they’re times I don’t feel like I love you, I still love you and in the chapter I set the tone by explaining love.

There are feelings and emotions attached to love, but love in itself is a choice. When you claim you want love from a “good guy” and he has a proper understanding of what love is, you have to ask yourself are you really ready for that?

Susan has been asked by close friends and family who are aware of the affair what drove a successful, attractive, intelligent woman to start and continue a relationship with a married man for nearly three years?

When a married man courts a woman, he takes a huge risk—a risk that reveals he wants her very much.

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