Bio Oko regularly shows a varied program of underground films, selections from film festivals, documentaries, big-budget movies, and classics from around the world.

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The great thing about Lucerna is that it not only plays great tunes but that it has the casual vibe to match.

You don’t need to dress up or pretend to be anyone you’re not – you just have to know how to have fun.

Thursday night is usually Erasmus night, so lots of students. Like weaving your way to the bar, it’s a case of first in first served. Throughout the week they offer classes in different styles of dancing: Monday nights it’s Lindy Hop, Wednesday nights Authentic Jazz, and on Tuesday nights the sumptuous Latino rhythms of Salsa. Solidní Jistota is also a favourite haunt of Czech B-list actors, models, and sports stars.

Note: If you want to meet expats another great bar to try out is Iron Curtain (most locals refer to it as Propoganda) located on Michalská street in Prague 1. This place has the beautiful balance of being sleek and yet casual, relaxed and yet a hell of a lot of fun. Unfortunately though, you can spend a long time trying to be noticed at the bar (all those celebs have priority) but on the plus side during the summer the grill bar stays open ’til 4am so you can easily tuck into a late night steak.

It’s no wonder then that the bar attracts a young, positive crowd.

Lucerna also offers a consistently great line up of live performances, everything from PJ Harvey to Hip Hop legends The Roots more recently in the past.Yet, if you think that just because you’re a foreigner in Prague beautiful women are going to fall magically into your lap, think again.To meet women, it makes sense that you first need to know where to find them.So it might surprise you to find that the club Nebe is undergound. The tip is to go late (one or two in the morning) when you still find beautiful girls on the dance floor.Indeed the only thing “holy” about Nebe might be it’s name, for the club has a reputation amongst some as being full of desperate women waiting to ambush any guy who wanders into the place. Nebe is located in the city centre not far from Karlovo Náměstí and Národní Třída, and you will find that it is 50/50 expats and Czechs.Inevitably, in weaving your way through the labyrinth you will find the table football on the top floor – often termed the Czech national sport.