Do you like to save old things like postcards and souvenirs?

What is your best method to get rid of a sales person? Do you really read magazines or do you just look at the pictures?

Him who ask the question control the conversation [the subject and direction of the conversation], use this power wisely to stir the conversation on to a subject that you find it easy to talk about.

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If you matched with your date on an app, you may already know what he does for a living.

Rather than simply asking him to recite the requisite bullet points, ask him what he likes about his job. This question gives insights into not only how your date views his work, but what he values, too.

If something big happens in your life, who is the first person you would call?

If you were to lose one sense or body part which one would you lose?

Remember if you don’t root your question you risk that she will be think “why does he ask me all this random questions”.

Also don’t just ask any question from the list above, strive to ask question that you yourself have a great answer for, this make it seem much more natural because your own answer will act like a root for that question. [what if he cheated on you instead of dying, or eat the last piece of candy] 67. If you knew you would life to the age of 130 years old, but had choose between a fresh mind of like 25 year old or a young body like a 25 year old, which would you choose? If you knew that you would die at sundown, what 3 person would you at least talk to? Would you move to another country to live with your soul mate, if you could never come back again? Do you think the earth will be a better place in 100 years? If you had to choose between having “an extra nose – placed anywhere on your body of your choosing” or “having 20 randomly placed nipple all over your body”, which one would you choose? If you should plan the perfect day for yourself (no budget), what would you do? If you could choose a secret superpower, witch on would you pick? If you had the change to live 6 months with the perfect man of your dreams, having the most romantic love affair, your know living out every woman’s most perfect dream, but then after six moth he would drops dead and you knew all of that from the beginning, would you be with him for the six month knowing how it would end? What would rather; have 1 million for your own spending, or to handout 100 millions for others to spend. If you knew the world would come to an end at end of this year, what would you do? What is the weirdest thing you believed in as a child? What is the most embarrassing thing you ever saw another person do? Included in this textbook is thus (as promised) a list of conversation topics and questions, but first I want to clarify the different common types of questions, and especially how you should structure the word coming out of your mouths, so that you will get the evolved in the conversation.