From her outburst, this may be proof of Ady admitting earlier rumors of having a crush on Wang Xiao Fei.

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Romantic rumors between Vic and Bowie first surfaced while he was still dating Barbie. Two years later, he was spotted on a dinner date with Bowie, spurring romantic rumors.

Vic had filmed Eric Tsang’s movie, Note: This article is written for Jayne No part of this article may be copied, reproduced, rearranged, redistributed, modified by any means or in any form whatsoever without prior written permission.

The rumors fanned that Taiwanese actor, Vic Zhou, got Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) daughter, Bowie Tsang, pregnant!

Allegedly, the pair had secretly gotten married in Macau in March.

At the press conference for her upcoming movie My Kingdom recently, Barbie announced, "This movie will be the last one after my marriage.

I intend to use the rest of my time on trying to conceive.

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Jayne: Did Vic Zhou and Bowie Tsang ever admit they were dating?

The lighting engagement and marriage between Barbie Xu and Wang Xiao Fei once again grabbed tabloid headlines .