Without them this website would have closed a long time ago.

Colin is continuing his Scottish Golf View website, and a lot of the womens, girls and student golf content will appear there.

We believe in the adage that “it is better to mediate than it is to litigate.” Meaning that things can be handled outside of the courts and much easier if both parties are willing to negotiate and agree to terms.

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While these figures are still quite alarming for newlyweds and romantics, all is not lost – these rates have dropped since the 90s, when the peak of divorces caused by the more lenient rules of the Family Law Act 1975 started evening out.

This law allowed married couples to divorce after only 12 months’ separation for ‘irretrievable breakdown’, rather than having to first endure five years of separation or prove fault with your ex-partner.

For these reasons we have come to the decision to close the Kirkwood Golf website.

I'd like to thank Colin Farquharson and Carol Fell, who have made fantastic contributions both in content and support.

It isn’t always as tragic as it may once have been perceived.

Sure, you have to overcome the emotional aspect of the marriage ending but in many ways this can be a fresh start for all parties involved.

During that time we have made very many friends and have always been encouraged by our knowledgeable readership. Finding results was difficult as many organisations did not have websites , and those that did were often difficult to find.

We collated the news and displayed it on one screen, later turning it into a blog as it was easier to post news stories that way.

Nowadays our social media apps on phones and tablets are looking for a different format, and everyone can share and post golf news instantly with their friends without the need for a dedicated website to provide the service.

Your editors are both busy people, with other interests and responsibilities, and finding the time to keep the website up to date has become problematic.

• Couples with children are less likely to divorce.