Since we validated numbers the last time, we will try with a date this time.

The Microsoft validators do not have any smart enabling features.

This leaves you with these choices: * Write a custom validator whose logic detects both the status=closed info and the date format. Parse Exact() will help you check for a valid date from text.

You can just change it if it doesn't fit the date format on the machine you're working on.

Now, try running the website, and enter a date in our new Text Box.

It's only valid if the date is within 2006, and a cool sideeffect is that the date is also checked for validity.

Have a look at this screenshot, which shows us that the validator reacts to an impossible date as well: And once again, if the clientside validation is not working, it will be catched in our Code Behind, as shown with the Required Field Validator.

We also have several validators which integrate with the date pickers. I have used a datepicker already but my problem with the date picker is that under certain conditions I don't want the date picker to be visible/available. It only validates when the control is Visible=true.- If you hide the textbox by setting its style property to visibility:hidden and/or display:none, the Compare Validator will continue to work.

If you only change the style on the server side, at the same time, set the Compare Validator. If you change the style on the client side, you need to replace the Compare Validator.

Due to browser differences in rendering the calendar, a perfect window size for IE will look funny on other browsers. It doesn't address many typical requests like changing months without postback, a way to jump to any month year quickly, or a button to select "Today" This is why I recommend trying to get a datepicker using the same-window approach.

In fact, some browsers draw the calendar too wide for the window. It's very easy for the user to move the main window over the calendar window, losing it. My Peter's Date Package, Basic Date Picker (including a free Lite version), and others are available.

When the users hits the submit button, if these textboxes have nothing in them a message will be displayed to the user to fill in the required fields. However, I have another button on my webform which when clicked makes a calendar visible.