Until then, the model believed she was the daughter of mother Pearl’s ex-lover Bronner Handwerger – a holistic doctor from New York.

Gavin – who was her godfather – was proved to be her biological father following a paternity test which Gavin had originally suggested.

She has two half-brothers and a half-sister from her mother’s marriage to Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey and three younger half-brothers from her father’s marriage to American pop superstar Gwen Stefani.

Daisy Lowe did not discover her father was Bush frontman and The Voice UK coach Gavin Rossdale until 2004.

Turns out Matt, who's garnering huge amounts of buzz in the U.

FOR many, Daisy Lowe first came to prominence as a star of Strictly Come Dancing 2016, but this London born beauty has enjoyed a dazzling career long before she was shown foxtrotting on the BBC.

The relationship is fairly new, and the pair decided to go public at the So Cal music festival now that his debut has come and gone, according to this somewhat questionable report.

Apparently, they didn't want buzz about their romance to affect press for the show. But Daisy is denying a relationship through her spokeswoman, telling the British web site Metro that the 21-year-old doe-eyed beauty is “just having fun.” We'll say!

Daisy Lowe was romantically linked to Noah and the Whale frontman Charlie Fink in October 2009.

It had been reported the pair met at Glastonbury earlier that year – with Daisy going on to star in the Noah and the Whale music video The First Days of Spring.

It was enforced when Daisy discovered both Pearl and Bronner were blood type A while she was blood type O (according to Pearl’s autobiography, All That Glitters).

The conformation of fatherhood rocked Gavin and Gwen’s marriage at the time – although they went on to enjoy 12 more years of marriage before they divorced.

Prior to their break up, Daisy had described Will as “the love of my life”.