If I don't marry then I could hv so many freedom lor not like now I suffering from his mum . Go complain here and there ; After that I very angry .

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However, she eventually admitted that she had eyelid surgery done on the right eye. Before: Looked like your girl next door, with slightly protruding, crooked teeth and a bad fringe cut. After: Shaved a whole lot of years off her age and seems to be getting younger by the day. Before: An average Jane After: The goddess of every male homebody Controversy: Too many.

After: Drop dead gorgeous busty chick who left a void in everyone’s heart when she left Media Corp for good. Speculations of her having been under the knife is an endless debate on the Internet, with some going as far as creating a blog in their attempt to “expose” her. : Never admitted it Before: Mature-looking with a gaunt face After: The Japanese-looking mother of one looks significantly younger with fuller cheeks Plastic surgery?

I want to force myself not to forgive you anymore !

Your mum like this treat me never respect me n my friend yet you still can turn back to scold me !

: Yes, she even documented her experience on a Budget Barbie episode!

How it might have helped her career: Casted in movie. Then they qurrel , police cant control them a, no choice but to arrest my mum . So all I can do is only can stay at home to face the wall . I go out with girls you say they want bring me go be chicken ! Go out with parents , just went out then immedialy ask me what time come back and can miss call many time .. If never go out stay at home then say I waste your electric ! Plastic surgery might be a common thing in Hollywood, but Singaporeans are still pretty conservative when it comes to the touchy issue of plastic surgery.There’s nothing wrong with going under the knife – it isn’t a crime to want to make yourself look better and feel more confident. Here are 13 celebrities who look different then and now – some more drastically than the others. Before: Taiping princess (read: flat chested) After: Hot bikini babe showing a generous amount of cleavage Controversy: Peh started tongues wagging when she appeared in a Channel 8 cooking show in a low-cut halter neck dress, revealing a shocking D-cup. Before: Small eyes with an unflattering haircut After: Bigger eyes and definitely one hot mama Plastic surgery? Before: Single eyelids which made him look sleepy After: Well-defined double eyelids with deep folds Plastic surgery? How it might have helped his career: Lee managed to clinch his first Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes award this year. I seriously tired of so much thing that your family given me !