Before: Model wannabe with overly thin brows, ah lian-ish hair and weird eyeshadow trying to werk dat pose.

After: Doll-like face that seems a tad too white Plastic surgery? Heng was frank about it and even documented her plastic surgery procedure online.

I seriously tired of so much thing that your family given me !

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However, she eventually admitted that she had eyelid surgery done on the right eye. Before: Looked like your girl next door, with slightly protruding, crooked teeth and a bad fringe cut. After: Shaved a whole lot of years off her age and seems to be getting younger by the day. Before: An average Jane After: The goddess of every male homebody Controversy: Too many.

After: Drop dead gorgeous busty chick who left a void in everyone’s heart when she left Media Corp for good. Speculations of her having been under the knife is an endless debate on the Internet, with some going as far as creating a blog in their attempt to “expose” her. : Never admitted it Before: Mature-looking with a gaunt face After: The Japanese-looking mother of one looks significantly younger with fuller cheeks Plastic surgery?

How it might have helped her career: Plastic surgery made her life and modelling job “perfect”.

She is also “currently making her name around asia as an International Model DJ“.

When down buy food come back already still say so much nonsense !

Came back already I already try my best to shut up n not to argue with her already . I want snatch my baby back from her hand , she even pitch me ! I Just wanna block and husband tot I want beat her ! Mum suddenly came to my house just nowbecause of her crazyness she come my house knock the door damn hard ! Actually the police going to give chance already , i really dont understand why i'm so week . And just see my mum get arrest by police just like that . Before: Fresh-faced typical good girl with small eyes After: Doe-eyed lass with a wide, infectious smile Controversy: In 2009, Chin was embroiled in controversy after fellow Media Corp artiste, Dasmond Koh’s statement about Chin being “fake from waist up” were taken out of context and blown out of proportions by the media. In 1996’s Star Awards, Kok was clad in a translucent black top with a black bra underneath. Whatever it is, Kok is still looking as youthful as before and certainly having the last laugh. Before: Cute and innocent-looking pair of twins After: Wider, cat-like eyes and sharper features that look somewhat unnatural Plastic surgery? According to Yumi, they edit their photos with photo editing apps, which might result in them looking unnatural.She also broke down in an episode of Channel U’s , as hosts Guo Liang and Quan Yifeng constantly interrogated her about her alleged plastic surgery. : Chin initially denied having done plastic surgery and claimed to have achieved double eyelids through long-term usage of double eyelid tape. What’s with the cropped auntie-like hair and the skimpy v-cut spaghetti top anyway? Just two years ago, Kok showed up in a Herve Leger dress with her assets on the verge of spilling out. Right, who needs plastic when you can be just as fantastic with edits from phone apps? If so hard then I rather taking care of my baby alone .. After angry you say that will not anymore , fews day later you did it again .. You treat your daughter so good treat we all like we own you one million like that .