There are powerful feelings of shock, fear, loss, and worry on the part of the spouse who discovers her partner's predilection.

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What eventually motivates the person to seek treatment is that this behavior begins to significantly effect his mood, functioning or and/or relationship.

Mental anguish, profound worry and dismay, shame, anxiety and depression accompany this addiction as well as feelings of being out of control.

He has not begun drinking but is again "medicating" his anxiety by spending large chunks of time watching cyber-porn.

He presented to treatment after becoming increasingly more agitated, depressed, ashamed and "fed-up" with himself.

He has been avoiding sexual contact with Dora as well as having difficulty getting himself to the gym and other outside interests and activities.

He states that his mood has been more depressed and he is anxious about his compulsion being revealed. George: George is a 49 year old married man with a two year old boy.

She confronted him and he became outraged, defensive and accused her of violating his privacy. She did not know how much time he spends visiting porn sites but had a list of the particular sites he visits.

When she looked at the sites, she was shocked and disgusted at the graphic images, some of which involved gay sex.

She would like help sorting her feelings out and developing a plan about dealing with this with Frank.

Clinical Aspects: The scenarios above are recent cases in my practice where the compulsion to view pornographic images on the internet is a crucial aspect of the presenting problem.

I will describe a few cases and then explore clinical aspects of the problem in this brief paper.