The viewing becomes compulsive, immediately gratifying and soothing of anxiety states.

This behavior is highly reinforced and therefore tends to progress or increase in frequency. Compulsive viewing of cyber-pornography, a sub-group of sexual addiction, appears to have a recognizable behavior pattern similar to other addictions (Carnes, 1999).

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She said that she has been concerned for a long time about their diminishing sex life and the emotional disconnection she feels.

She is confused and scared about what this porn viewing suggests about Frank's sexuality and about the future of her relationship.

There are powerful feelings of shock, fear, loss, and worry on the part of the spouse who discovers her partner's predilection.

As such, it poses a significant threat to the relationship.

He acknowledges that his compulsion has hurt his relationship and his sex life.

He is extremely ambivalent about his relationship but has not talked about his feelings openly with Dora.

She confronted him and he became outraged, defensive and accused her of violating his privacy. She did not know how much time he spends visiting porn sites but had a list of the particular sites he visits.

When she looked at the sites, she was shocked and disgusted at the graphic images, some of which involved gay sex.

In my experience there are deeper causative factors which form the "fertile soil" of this addiction.