Debbie in reality is the Black Widow and has set out to seduce Uncle Fester (Christopher Lloyd), marry him and then kill him off for his vast wealth.Here is all the information you need about "The Addams Family" on American Netflix.

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When long-lost Uncle Fester returns from 25 years in the Bermuda Triangle, it disrupts the idyllic lifestyle of the Addams clan. Big budget movie has all of the macabre sense of fun of the TV series and the original New Yorker cartoons, as well as sets and design that any…

When Hank (Forrest) and Frannie (Garr) break up on their fifth anniversary, they go off with their respective dream partners (Kinski, Julia) but do they really want to be apart?

Masses of beautiful girls were hitting on Jack the whole time, inviting him onto the backs of their motorcycles.

Puerto Rican actor best known for his roles in the film Kiss of the Spider Woman and as Gomez Addams in The Addams Family.

The sequel also added a deliciously evil Joan Cusack to the fray.

This sequel to 'The Addams Family' sees Gomez (Raul Julia) and Morticia (Anjelica Huston) producing a third child - Pubert.

Together with police investigator John Neville (Jones) she struggles to make sense of her visions.

Dated but occasionally intriguing mystery thriller.

In 1990, he starred alongside Harrison Ford in Presumed Innocent and in 1994, he starred with Jean-Claude Van Damme in Street Fighter. He was married to his second wife, Merel Poloway, from 1976 until his death in 1994.

He originally intended on becoming a lawyer before choosing to pursue a career in acting. He had two sons named Raul Sigmund and Benjamín Rafael Julia.

Rififi chez les Addams, célèbre famille macabre qui vit dans un manoir hanté, lorsque débarque l'oncle Fétide, sosie d'un des membres de la famille disparu vingt-cinq ans plus tôt...