The original team can pretend they’re right with the other two, but there’s no justifying how they drove Curtis away.I can’t help but feel happy for Rene and Curtis, in particular.Evelyn’s betrayal, mentioned frequently here, certainly contributed to that.

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Rene is gone, and Curtis’s departure seems to hit hardest.

That may be because he’s been with them the longest, but it could also be due to the level-headed way he notifies them.

I’d like to point out that while Oliver seems to have jumped to the conclusion that the witness is a current member of the team other than his best friend or his wife, there are many more contenders.

The witness could theoretically be Roy, Ragman, vigilante, the Russians, Quentin, Lyla, or anyone named al-Ghul.

Those relationships are complicated, and will only become moreso in the New Year. Oliver is without most of his team through his own actions, as Cayden James pointed out.

And of course that happens when pretty much every living member of Oliver and the Green Arrow’s rogues gallery assembles to creepily watch Oliver in the lair via a hidden camera.

But it’s Diggle who usually spends time with her and therefore truly betrayed her, and that relationship won’t be easily repaired.

I’m eagerly awaiting Lyla’s reaction when she finds out what her husband did, as well as the continued relationship between Quentin and Black Siren.

That makes them two generations removed, a gap Oliver has never fully closed, nor does he seem to want to.