One only hopes that our casting directors won’t make her work quite so hard this time. from: Adelaide Clemens was born on November 30th, 1989 according to November 30th, 1989 11 30 1 9 8 9 = 68 = her life lesson = Student.

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By the time she returned to Australia at the age of 12, she already had a French outlook, an English accent (from her schooling) and an omnivorous appetite for books and theatre.

She describes herself as ‘this crazy English chick waltzing around’, making home videos.

She also had a delightful streak of mischief and the most fetching bob this side of the Great War.

‘I feel like she’s a beacon of energy,’ says Clemens, who speaks in a surprisingly strong Australian accent.

Clemens was born in Brisbane, but lived in Japan until she was two.

Her British father, who worked in the alcohol industry, later relocated his family to Cognac (so that French was Clemens’ first langauge) and Hong Kong, where she attended the International School.‘She’s beautiful, she’s an eternal optimist who only sees the good in people. She’s not afraid to speak, even if what she has to say might be wrong, which I think is another lovely quality.’ Clearly, before we all fell for Adelaide, Adelaide had to fall for Valentine.In fact, as an Australian actress with only a few horror film roles to put her on the radar in the northern hemisphere, she had to display a Valentine-like spirit to win the part.‘I thought it was something to do with the BBC and maybe my accent wasn’t right, so I kept sending off fresh tapes, and kept getting the same response.’ Eventually, she managed to wangle a Skype conversation with White, and, despite the 15-second time lag, managed to infect the director with her enthusiasm — only to be told in the end that, sorry, it simply wasn’t going to work out. ‘The night I wrapped up , my wonderful agent booked me a ticket to London.I kept reading all this history, playing with British accents and costumes, and on the day of the audition I walked from Euston station to Soho in this period outfit: a long grey skirt, a white silk shirt, very like Valentine, and a black tie.’ She was astonished to find Tom Stoppard, who had adapted the novel, in the audition room.But it was the bright-eyed newcomer, Adelaide Clemens, 22, who stole the series.