Since September 2007, Alexa and her friend Kayslee have been leaking Vanessa’s pictures every time she has movie coming out.

I believe this is because of them being jealous of her successful movie career.

Vanessa took more nude photos that year and the next, but she was careful and deleted the pictures from her mobile phone.

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The source of these pictures was this Flickr account: The “Sweet Melodies” account has since been deleted.

I am certain that the owners of this account are two teenage girls, Kayslee Collins, 19, and Alexa Nikolas, 18.

I know this because I was formerly a close friend of Kayslee Collins and an acquaintance of Alexa Nikolas.

Kayslee and Alexa are responsible for all of the distribution of Vanessa Hudgens’ personal pictures, dating back to September 2007.

On one of these occasions, she did this while she was at Alexa’s house.

Alexa downloaded the pictures onto her computer when Vanessa accidentally left her email account logged in.

So on that note, if anyone sees Rebecca Black heading for the Fiber One, shoot to kill or you hate America.

I am writing to you today because I have some important information to disclose.

Disney star Vanessa Hudgens is busting out in more ways than one. But the coincidence between the debut of her film “Sucker Punch,” and the sudden emergence of racy photos, for the third time, is raising eyebrows.

On the eve of her new film debut, more risqué photos have gone viral on the Internet, along with some hot girl-on-girl action with starlet Alexa Nikolas. Photos of Hudgens that started going viral last night (Mar.

In 2006, Kayslee and Alexa were close friends of Vanessa, but they later drifted apart due to Vanessa’s work commitments (The High School Musical movies).