He firmly set his eyes on her and started admiring the beauty she was. Whenever she moved out of his sight, he cursed himself for not asking for a seat at the rear end of the plane.The black suit she was in, the red lipstick and the neatly groomed hair tied in a bun — he observed everything in detail. “I would have had a better and wider field of vision then,” he thought. “Anyway, I am sure we will not be meeting any time soon unless you want us to.

“I’ll reach my seat in 30 seconds, 10 seconds to place the bag in the overhead cabin and 10 more to settle down.

That gives me more than 75 minutes to sleep,” he worked out a plan looking at his watch as it struck 5.13 am. The air hostess was standing at his seat with a bright smile.

He thought the lights will be back soon after the take-off, but much to his annoyance they weren’t. He thought it was justified to be impatient as the duration of the journey was short. S went to her and stood there as he still couldn’t figure out the familiarity. A thanked him suddenly and said, “No one else told me that my smile was intoxicating.” It immediately struck him that she was the trainee air hostess he met a few years ago.

Just when he thought he should hit the attendant call button, the lights came back. Though she was busy discharging her duties, a part of her was trying hard to recollect the familiarity. But you are making me uncomfortable with regular and clichéd questions,” he said and continued to grin. “Sorry, it took me four years to answer your question,” she teasingly said.

“Please take your seats as per the number on your badges. She understood it wasn’t his first speed dating session.

The session will begin in a minute,” the lady announced. The first guy she interacted with was a copywriter at a famous magazine and he started introducing himself. I majored in political science and have been working with a political magazine for the last two years. Flight attendants discuss the Mile High Club, the "toilet paper trick", and "aisle surfing". Most will be unfamiliar with aisle surfing, however."Betty", whose column "Confessions of a Fed-Up Flight Attendant" appeared on Yahoo!He gave the officer a reluctant smile and started walking towards the air bridge.He did not want to waste any time and hurriedly advanced towards the plane’s entrance.He was in no mood for the customary greetings by the cabin crew and swiftly entered the plane. Her smile was a combination of, “I know you from somewhere,” and the usual, “Welcome aboard.” “Your seat number, please? He pointed at the seat behind her and said, “27B.” “Very well,” she said and made way for him to pass.