He thought the lights will be back soon after the take-off, but much to his annoyance they weren’t. He thought it was justified to be impatient as the duration of the journey was short. S went to her and stood there as he still couldn’t figure out the familiarity. A thanked him suddenly and said, “No one else told me that my smile was intoxicating.” It immediately struck him that she was the trainee air hostess he met a few years ago.

Air hostess dating video

Post the session, once you give us your preferences we will provide you with the details, she told them. As the bell struck for the 16th time, she had answered a series of questions which were mostly repetitive.

It was the first speed dating session for A and she wasn’t sure how the ‘four minutes’ would help. I am from south-west coast,” she said taking her time. She almost convinced herself that speed dating wouldn’t work for her.

“Please take your seats as per the number on your badges. She understood it wasn’t his first speed dating session.

The session will begin in a minute,” the lady announced. The first guy she interacted with was a copywriter at a famous magazine and he started introducing himself. I majored in political science and have been working with a political magazine for the last two years.

Busily calculating the amount of time required to reach his seat, he thought he could take a quick nap if he reached in the next one minute.

He desperately wanted to get some sleep as he did not get any the entire previous night.“I’ll hit the ‘flight attendant call’ button, ask her for cotton and a piece of lime and will casually end the sentence with a question that would make her tell the name herself,” he made up his mind. However, there was no point in wondering about it as the light on the panel above was already burning bright. “It is only two minutes since you met me and you are already flirting? “The details will be sent to you by evening once we get everyone’s preference,” the organiser told A.Luckily, for him, the same lady for whom he hit the button responded. ” Up went his brows in disbelief as she asked him the exact same things he wanted to ask her. “Yes, please,” he replied in awe and continued, “Oh, sorry. She nodded and went back to the cabin to get what he asked for. Later, A received a text from the organisers expressing their regret to provide the details she sought as they misplaced them.He gave the officer a reluctant smile and started walking towards the air bridge.He did not want to waste any time and hurriedly advanced towards the plane’s entrance.He firmly set his eyes on her and started admiring the beauty she was. Whenever she moved out of his sight, he cursed himself for not asking for a seat at the rear end of the plane.