It doesn’t matter if you’re dating someone in your field.

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Dating a co-worker has its advantages and disadvantages.

For those who do, it allows you to be always near each other.

Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. However despite this, Im expected to perform management duties. Literally nobody cares (unless it's a manager/subordinate which is against policy in basically any corporate job).

In translation to anyone who has never worked at Walgreens, its a leadership/management responsibility position with out the actual title or salary to back it up. I've never seen anyone express this as a big deal except online.

The best way to stay fair is to avoid giving or receiving preferential treatment at the office. It is important to try and keep your work relationship separate from your romantic relationship.

If you have disagreements, do not try to bring it at the office.

You might also consider weighing your options on whether to continue with the relationship. If you say yes, then there are some other tips that you need to follow.

On the other hand, you can either put a halt to it or look for another job to continue your relationship without any more issues like this. One way to avoid controversy when having an office romance is by trying to keep mum about it.

Avoid trying to make your relationship problems spill down to your work environment.

Try also to avoid spending time with each other more than what is necessary.

I didn’t suffer any professional disasters, but I did have to deal with a lot of personal anxieties I might not have experienced otherwise…I don’t think it’s a total coincidence that I’ve been most professionally successful in the years since I instituted my ‘no journo’ dating rule.