With the frequency of natural disasters increasing, document restoration services have become a beneficial resource for the many companies that find themselves victimized by a natural disaster.

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Finally, every disaster recovery plan should outline what steps to take to provide additional security for rare paper documents, as well as how to retrieve the critical information within them both during and after an emergency situation.

A recent survey found that 55 percent of organisations have no formal disaster recovery plan that covers paper-based information.

It is important to note that the tradition of “All Soul’s” in October remains strong and many family groups continue to remember (sic) those who have passed on by visiting their graves, holding a candle-night vigil, and even painting or cleaning the grave.

Just a tiny percentage of families remain Buddhist (usually from lines who originated from Calcutta, India).

Oliver’s further jottings from his island on a trips to the West Indies in 19: Because the islands of Grenada continues to be predominantly Protestant with over half the population following the Roman Catholic doctrines and about 14% more specifically Anglican (with the other third being variations of Protestant) the tradition of grave burials and cemeteries remain strong.

However, it is not the tradition within Caribbean islands, as in other countries, to keep cemetery plans and plot identification and there are almost no tombstone index.The standard pattern headstone for Corporal Mercurious is about 5 metres to the right of the palm tree, its view blocked from any distance by the larger memorials surrounding it. Paul’s Anglican Church (the graves are literally sliding down an embankment into a ravine).Other endangered cemeteries are the Carriacou cemetery, Mt. Independent British Commonwealth nation on the southern most of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles Islands in the West Indies.This is reproduced here to give access to churches in Grenada allowing you to contacted them for Family Research information:- When once again hurricane season has officially begun, it means it’s time for everyone in affected areas to revisit their disaster recovery plans.If a your location makes it vulnerable to a possible storm surge, these plans will highlight in detail what actions the staff should take, in addition to covering the specifics of how important documents will be protected and retrieved after the disaster – usually with the help of a document restoration team.See the CIA World Factbook at https://gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/Grenada Archives and Libraries Church directories list church ministers, dioceses, and parishes.