He homesteaded on the quarter of land where the Brooklyn church was built.

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He would tell the children, "Oh, I would like to take you all in my arms and bring you all to Jesus and lay you all at His feet." Gwen Nielsen and Norman Erickson are great grandchildren of Branch.

The Brooklyn Church members had their services in the Swedish language.

Many thanks to Joann Landeen for putting these together. While digging the grave for one of the children, he got the news that another one had died.

During the 1870's the Swedish pioneers met at homes to worship God. They all are buried in the southeast corner of the Brooklyn Cemetery.

During the 1930's and 40's a Swedish Sunday morning service was held once a month. Eric Soderstrom would give $150.00 to the parsonage fund, three acres of land and an agreement to build the house for less than $1700.00. Nels Larson at that time offered an acre of adjoining land.

The last year the Swedish services were held in the basement and English services upstairs. The parsonage was built on the donated four acres a quarter of a mile east of the church. Halleen organized Sunday School offerings and the birthday offerings that went to missionaries.

The entire basement was remodeled and redecorated in 1954.

In 1957 when Brooklyn Church celebrated its Diamond Jubilee, the church had received many donations and usable gifts.

The first recorded mention of building a church was Nov. The parsonage was home to the pastors and their families until 1945. Carl Edblom, great grandmother of John Edblom, and Mrs. Makeup and bobbed hair were considered sinful by some. The pennies, one penny for each year of their age, were put in a small cast iron church and Happy Birthday was sung.