Make messy Make milk Make milky coffee, initially tasteless Make minor improvements to Make mischief Make mistake with mission Make mistakes Make money Make money by conning Make more acceptable Make more animated Make more attractive Make more cheerful Make more concise Make more efficient Make more exciting, in sl Make more important Make more intense Make more interesting Make more lengthy Make more modern Make more potent Make more powerful, with Make more precipitous Make more presentable, as Make more profound Make more refined Make more resilient Make more sanitary, in a Make more secure Make more sugary Make more taut Make more tempting, as a Make muddy Make muffs Make music on a comb Make music, in a way Make narrower Make neat Make neat by cutting Make necklace baubles? That's progress Make neither profit nor loss Make new A-line lines Make no bones about Make no progress Make nonsensical notes?

That's a bloomer Make mad Make manhattans and such Make mark on Brunning's first collection Make meek, in a way Make mentally unbalanced Make mention of Make merry Make merry, taking girl in both directions Make merry?

Make hand over fist Make happen faster Make happy Make hard to read Make haste Make head of Easter bunny? Make heroic Make holes in baked dish with pricker evenly Make holes in new pendant?

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Make enemies of Make equal, as the score Make even Make even brighter, say Make even deeper Make even smoother Make excellent at packing grain Make excessive demands on second rail service Make excuses, maybe Make extracts from by boi Make eyes at Make eyes, maybe Make faces, say Make fast Make fast run after low start Make fast turnaround, which might be advised for over-amorous couples Make fat Make faulty Make final Make final preparations?

or clean Make disappear Make disclosure about meat Make do Make doilies Make dove sounds Make drawing of small sailing vessel Make dresses and things Make drinkable, in a way Make drinks Make drunk Make easier to swallow Make easily understood Make ecstatic Make eights, maybe Make ends meet?

Daughter's mean Make fun of band Make fun of crude effigy Make funny faces Make furious Make furrows in Make further corrections Make further modification Make gender-neutral Make gentle Make gentler Make giddy with delight Make glad Make gloomy Make go "vroom"Make good (a loss)Make good mate after Rome vacation Make good on Make good on firm promises initially after university Make good progress Make good soldiers triumph Make granny form a union?

Make final, as a deal Make financial amends to Make firm Make fit Make fizzy Make fool shake, not too roughly at first Make forcefully, as a poi Make fractions Make friends again with cleric one upset Make frizzy Make fruit cake Make fun of Make fun of a learner?

Makes even Makes even smoother Makes evolutionary change Makes excessively large Makes eyes at Makes fast Makes final preparations?

Makes connections Makes contact with Makes contacts Makes cry, in a way Makes dim British listeners embrace the overture to Lohengrin Makes do Makes doilies Makes drugs easier to swa Makes eggs, in a way Makes electrical improvem Makes ends meet?

Makes amends Makes amends (for)Makes an assertion Makes an effort Makes an important propos Makes an impression Makes an impression?

Makes a small profit Makes a special invitatio Makes a stink? Makes a switch Makes a touchdown Makes a very modest livin Makes accessible, old-sty Makes accommodation for those who aren’t quick verbally Makes advances?

Make smooth Make smooth, in a way Make snaps, say Make soaking wet Make social connections Make socks Make solemn affirmation for trial Make some after-the-whist Make some connections Make some designs Make some fast food Make some new connections Make some noise as cricket result tad surprising, India's opener caught Make something last by frugal use Make something of adversity, perhaps Make something yourself, Make sore by rubbing Make sound Make sparkling Make special efforts, following prescribed procedures Make specific plans Make speech naked for one-to-one?

Make sense Make sense in total Make sense of Make sense, with "up"Make sentence sense Make several levels of street sign Make shorter, in a way Make shorter, say Make silly Make slight corrections to Make slippery Make small adjustments in Make small improvements to a motorway before completion Make smaller Make smaller or fewer Make smile Make smocking, e.g.

sauce Maker of Seven Seas salad Maker of small copies Maker of Space Invaders Maker of the 1923 "Teardr Maker of the 5-Series Maker of the A4, A6 and AMaker of the Amigo S. Makes a partial vacuum with the mouth Makes a party to Makes a quick profit on Makes a racket Makes a raucous noise Makes a record of Makes a row in a garden, Makes a scene Makes a scene?