Internet users are notoriously impatient and such a, seemingly simple, mistake could cost a company valuable customers.

Some, therefore, would purchase hosting from a company in their target country, or somewhere close to it, in an effort to minimize delays and maximize user satisfaction.

Luckily, there's an entire niche of web hosts devoted to adult website hosting with service that can be just as good as any other host.

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For webmasters involved in somewhat shady businesses(hosting of illegal files/torrents etc) overseas hosting is a must, specifically in countries with no laws governing software piracy, If these webmasters ran their sites on servers in their own countries they would run the risk of heavy fines, and even criminal prosecution, depending on their jurisdiction.

A similar scenario exists for those involved in adult-oriented websites.

You've got your domain name and website planned or created, and there's only one thing left to do--find a web host.

You may have quickly found this to be difficult, as many of the most popular web hosts don't allow "adult" content--something you hopefully found out the easy way.

Webmasters should confirm that the overseas company they intend to use has been around for some time with no negative press before entrusting their sites to them.

Below are commonly asked questions regarding acceptable content for websites hosted with Host Gator.

A variety of reasons exist for this trend and they vary from niche to niche. Web hosting, and pretty much everything, is cheaper in third world countries.

Companies in countries such as the US, UK, or other European Countries undergo significantly greater overhead than their third world counterparts.

But online as in real life, there are legal considerations you need to keep in mind.