Websites that utilize a lot of bandwidth such as online games, chat rooms etc.

would see exceptional gains from smarter location selection.

They pay higher taxes, higher wages (due to a higher cost of living, and consequently minimum wage, in these countries), and must generate higher income to remain profitable.

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Say, for example, a company in the United States has a website targeting users in China.

Hosting their site in their home country might seem logical at first but their customers in China may experience great delays due to their distance - and so it can be an important factor to look for in a web hosting location.

But online as in real life, there are legal considerations you need to keep in mind.

To help you stay on the good side of your web host, ISP, and the courts, here are some basics about what’s legal, what’s clearly not, and what’s sketchy.

Consider's Adult Web Hosting section (link and subsequent links to sites in resources below),'s Web Hosting category, and's Adult Hosting section. After you've found a potential web host, look into them further by searching the internet for their name followed by the word "review" or phrase "customer review" to bring up some independent reviews of that web host.

Compare several reviews to level out any biases and get a more complete picture of the host. Things to consider include server uptime, whether or not server-side scripts are allowed, how much server space you get, the maximum bandwidth you're allowed to use, and the number of email accounts you need. The best adult website hosting will not only have good email support, but excellent phone support as well.

These are the most common of numerous reasons for webmasters to host overseas.

While it is certainly a viable option in many cases, care should be taken with such an investment as some overseas hosts (particularly in Asian countries) can be shady and unreliable.

The more research you do, the better the chance there is of you finding the best adult website hosting.

A common practice among webmasters nowadays is to secure hosting for their websites on foreign servers, often in third world countries.

The closer the servers are (geographically) the site visitors, the faster the pages will load.