It is a speech-generating device that offers the well-known Chat Software on an Android platform.

Like all "Chats," NOVA chat 12 offers a durable yet sleek, portable design, with features that include a built-in camera, single or dual switch scanning, Social Chat, IVONA speech synthesizer, and many other exciting features.

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NOVA chat 8 comes with an 8" screen and weighs only 1.3 lbs.

This Social Chat feature allows text generated by Chat pages to be sent to Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

No need to choose just one color, as four color shells are provided with each system.

Included are new features for sharing text with other applications and social networks.

The capacitive touchscreen is accessible by finger touch or an included stylus.

The rubberized protective shield not only protects the system, but now comes in four fun colors to give it an up-to-date style.Sound clarity of NOVA chat 5 outdoes that of any portable communication system of its size.NOVA chat 5 comes with a 5" screen and weighs only .7 lbs.Acapela™ voices are also available as an option offering several "genuine" voices for children.Additionally, there is a new English/Spanish Amercia NOVA Chat option using either Acapela or Ivona voices, which offers bilingual speech capabilities.This Social Chat feature allows text generated by Chat pages to be sent to Gmail Presenting the Nova chat 12!