Hubby just smiled as he watched his wife fuck another man in a porn theater. The took their time and they young stud was careful to work her from several angles for the next 10 minutes or so.One minute she was bouncing in a reverse cowgirl position.

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As I watched this wife getting ready to have sex in a porn theater, I was reminded of those old sex shows.

Men jockeying for the best position to see all of the action. Soon the sound her arousal was drowning out the movie as she reached her first orgasm.

But, like a number of women I have seen in porn theaters through the years, as much as she was enjoying the attention, she was reluctant to cum in public. I am sure that they enjoyed a very satisfying fuck session in a more private environment.

The other lady was a petite GILF with some excellent tits, nicely wrapped in a short strapless summer dress.

Soon he was fingering her pussy while she played with her nipples, all the while keeping an eye on her younger friend, jerking off to her left. A minute or two later, the three of them made their way to the couples theater.

We watched as she shuddered to a nice orgasm, and then pulled her dress back up over her tits. In most porn theaters, that would have ended the show. The main theater and the couples theater run parallel to each other, divided only by a wall.

The only thing holding the top of the dress in place were those firm boobs. They had settled into the back of the theater area.

Hubby was on on the extreme right end of the row, his wife to his left, and then a young guy that they apparently knew just a couple of feet to her left.

Other times, most notably in NY and San Francisco, the show was on an open stage.