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We watched as she shuddered to a nice orgasm, and then pulled her dress back up over her tits. In most porn theaters, that would have ended the show. The main theater and the couples theater run parallel to each other, divided only by a wall.

Our lucky young stud took the seat on the aisle, closest to the window.

The lady was to his right, with hubby against the far wall.

Hubby started the proceedings, again fingering his wife while she played with her excellent tits.

Now the show was illuminated better than before since the screen in the couples room is much brighter, letting us see the action very well.

I have heard about the Cinema One in Chattanooga, TN for years, but since Chattanooga is a bit off my beaten path, I have never had a chance to visit. The first sight I was greeted with was a very good looking woman, from the rear, making out with her man in the booth entry area.

A couple of weeks ago I got my first chance and I am pretty certain that it won't be my last! She had great legs, set off by a tight black skirt and some 5 inch heels. It covered a bit too much for my taste, but she still looked amazing, and I loved the fact that they were as "handsy" with each other as they were, right out in a well-lit and very public place.

I thought those days were long gone, but I was treated to a nice trip down memory lane a few nights ago in Chattanooga, Tennessee, at the Cinema One Adult Theater. A blonde BBW was letting her husband and another guy finger to orgasm while she stroked them.

It's always nice when a guy is willing to share his wife with a stranger in a porn theater!

Those of us "of a certain age" can still remember live sex shows. First were the peep shows with "Live Nude Girls" behind the glass. More popular were the one-on-one booths where you not only saw a girl, but you got to chat with her on the phone, telling her what do do and listening to her talk dirty while she fucked herself.