As Scott said What a girl Wants is a sugary ball of fluff aimed at twelve year old girls with princess fantasies, as vapid in content as it is innocuous in spirit, but oh so pretty to look at.

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I just happen to be dumb.” He specialised in playing benevolent meatheads, from Ted “Theodore” Logan in Stephen Herek’s , whose sequel is in cinemas now, was widely welcomed as a return to form.

But the fact that Reeves’s life as an actor began in this way reminds me of his seriousness about his craft.

Reeves’s embarrassingly stilted attempt to portray the evil Don John in Kenneth Branagh’s .

The Beirut-born Reeves is now 52 (the same age as Nigel Farage, as tweeters and bored bloggers periodically point out), but he looks pretty much the same as he has always looked: solidly handsome and straightforward, yet somehow vulnerable, like a Boy Scout who wants to do the right thing in a world that doesn’t.

The problem is that if the man is unmarried, then he might not like the prospect of dating or getting involved in a relationship with a married woman.

But one may think why married women would prefer married men mostly?

It becomes intolerable and then the wife may start looking for a man who can give her the same pleasures of physical love but without any strings attached.

That is why it is not uncommon to find married women looking for married men.

It is not uncommon to find married women looking for married men.