In short, he had opinions and he expressed them, sometimes angrily and in ways that were clearly designed to get people to react.

Killer: David Kalac, 33, pictured after his arraignment, visited a bar in Portland and spent hours drinking beer and vodka, shortly after allegedly strangling his girlfriend and posting pictures of her dead body online The new charge includes a domestic violence enhancement and an aggravated circumstance of having 'a destructive and foreseeable impact on persons other than the victim,' said Kitsap County sheriff's spokesman Scott Wilson said The color of the ink and the writing style were consistent with messages authorities say Kalac left at the crime scene, the sheriff's document said.

It also quoted from notes authorities say Kalac posted online with the images of Coplin.

I got to explain 4chan and trolling and even the creation of memes (yes, I explained rickrolling to a jury).

I discussed numerous examples of similar blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts and forum posts.

Top States For Interracial Dating INFOGRAPHIC Huff Post I knew about the interracial dating ban that Bob Jones University used to have they ended it in but I d never seen the actual rule in the handbook .

The dating site OKCupid vegetarian, vegan, humanitarian singles.I talked about photoshopping and photoshopping contests -- including ones that involved photoshopping targets or First Person Shooter-style overlays onto images of people.I showed many examples of famous people having targets overlayed on their images." should be seen as a legitimate threat on Bowdich's life (anyone know what a Fat Man Gadget is? Wexler then spent basically the last year in jail for a bunch of angry blog posts, without even the option of being bailed out allowed.There were a number of other issues at play in the trial, some of which I may get to in a future post, but I was there to just explain the nature of online trolling, and how what Wexler said -- while certainly distasteful, and perhaps offensive -- was hardly out of the ordinary in certain online communities, and how many people in those communities recognized that kind of shitposting for what it was, and would laugh at those who "fell" for such extreme and offensive statements.Basically, I showed the simple fact that in some corners of the internet, posting crazy offensive stuff is pretty commonplace, and it rarely means they're actually planning to go out and do anything.