And that led him to post some fairly angry rants against the FBI and the FBI's top agent in Southern California, David Bowdich (who has since moved up to a new position in DC), including the one in the image above.

After a few more posts calling out Bowdich, and photoshopping him into a variety of images -- including taking a picture of a Bowdich press conference and overlaying a forearm and hand holding a gun pointing at Bowdich, overlaying a target on Bowdich's face in a press shot, and photoshopping Bowdich into a still from an ISIS beheading video (something that Wexler did with other people, including Brian Williams and Ben Carson, which the FBI also seemed to think was protected speech), Wexler was arrested, with the charges focusing on his posts about Bowdich, and arguing that statements like what he says above about how he wants "to shove my Fat Man Gadget up David Bowdich's limpwristed West Los Angeles ass, and I intend to!

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Killer: David Kalac, 33, pictured after his arraignment, visited a bar in Portland and spent hours drinking beer and vodka, shortly after allegedly strangling his girlfriend and posting pictures of her dead body online The new charge includes a domestic violence enhancement and an aggravated circumstance of having 'a destructive and foreseeable impact on persons other than the victim,' said Kitsap County sheriff's spokesman Scott Wilson said The color of the ink and the writing style were consistent with messages authorities say Kalac left at the crime scene, the sheriff's document said.

It also quoted from notes authorities say Kalac posted online with the images of Coplin.

I got to explain 4chan and trolling and even the creation of memes (yes, I explained rickrolling to a jury).

I discussed numerous examples of similar blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts and forum posts.

In short, he had opinions and he expressed them, sometimes angrily and in ways that were clearly designed to get people to react.

At one point, responding to the news that the online troll Joshua Goldberg had been arrested (a story we wrote about, in part because of my own interactions with Goldberg), Wexler declared himself to be an "ISIS SUPPORTING ONLINE TROLL" (echoing the language being used to describe Goldberg): Even an FBI special agent, Voviette Morgan, noted to others in the Bureau that "everything we have reviewed to date [on Wexler's blog] falls into the category of First Amendment protected speech." But the FBI still sent some agents to visit him.

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He was literally arrested for five blog posts (which came with 20 criminal charges, as they had multiple charges on each post) and was facing up to 15 years in jail for those posts. I was an expert witness in the case, brought in to explain to the jury the nature of internet discourse, including how trolls quite frequently say outrageous things to get attention, and how it's (for better or worse) not that uncommon to see people post angry rants on the internet, or to talk about how certain people should die, or to photoshop famous people into weird scenarios.