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” – possibly the most stressful game ever invented (after Boggle).

Among male friends the consensus was, as Steve, a 30 year-old recruitment consultant remarked, that “the woman holds the cards in this respect”.

I’m not saying that Mutual will work for everyone but it worked for me and my fiancée.

Thanks Mutual for being the way I could meet my sweetheart! I wasn’t in to dating apps much but I thought I’d do it to please my friend.

Appearing on TLC’s My Strange Addiction is 31 year old Kyle Jones of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who we come to learn has a stipulation that he adheres to vehemently when it comes to dating.

The last time I had sex with a guy for the first time I didn’t feel totally fabulous about it afterwards.

Why then, when it comes to sex between a man and woman, do women have the propensity to feel more anxious about it?

“This is the first time in human history in the western world that women, theoretically, can have sex whenever and with whomever they want. We haven't worked out how to judge these women," explains relationship psychologist and coach Susan Quilliam. We're surrounded by pretty mixed messages: Be sexy but not too sexual mind, otherwise you're just a slut.

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