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However, non-pathological liars do find lying stressful and are therefore more apt to show the following signs: Psychological research has shown the following to be signs that a person is lying:– false smiling– slowed rate of speech (as having to think carefully about what s/he says)– heightened pitch of voice– more pauses than usual (punctured by erms, ahs etc)– a mismatch between what is said and the person’s body language– less head movement than usual– unconscious slight shake of head (expressing ‘no’) whilst telling lie– less eye contact than usual– clearing of throat– frequent glances to room exit (unconsciously motivated by wish to avoid stressful situation)– feet pointing towards room exit (see explanation above)– leaning back from person s/he is lying to (again, unconsciously motivated by wish to distance self from stressful situation)– less blinking than normal {infrequent blinking is a sign of deep concentration and such concentration is needed to avoid contradicting self)– frequent swallowing– less use of terms referring to self, such as in order to try to distance self from the lie (again, unconsciously motivated)Good liars, on average, tend to have higher intelligence and creative ability than people not adept at lying.

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The Eligibility to Work form must be kept in the employee's file.

Being caught alone with a man who isn’t kin can put a woman in some serious hot water.